Are you making the most of your Business Mobile?

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

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Temovi Business Mobile

A business phone which gives you mobility

Imagine a real-time communications solution that allows one phone number to follow users wherever they go, accessible from their desk, their smartphone, their tablet, or their laptop; from anywhere with an internet connection, Wi-Fi or Voice over Mobile Data (VoMD). Temovi allows you to have your office on your mobile phone.

Why connect your business line to your smartphone?

  1. You don't need to rely on a desk phone anymore. Your business calls are routed to any existing device using your carrier's network. Your calls would be in high definition sound (HD).
  2. Your personal mobile number will still remain private. Temovi provides you a new business line number (DDI) so you do not need another device or rely on your personal mobile number for business calls.
  3. You will have full control of how and when your calls are routed. You will also have access to full management on setting your business hours, call recording, voicemail and personal attendant and much more.
  4. Temovi Business Mobile does more than just business phone calls. You can also text, videoconference and share your screen with customers and other employees regardless of where you are.

What are the top benefits of Business Mobile:

Who is Temovi Business Mobile designed for?

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