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Simplify and modernise your school or college

Education programmes and processes are becoming more computer dependant, with immersive learning labs, connected class-rooms and web-based collaboration platform with access on any device from anywhere.

Keep staff and students connected.

Keep staff and students connected

Our communication solution offers real-time access, unified communications and collaboration services suitable for educational organizations. Providing online courses enables people in different geographic areas to take simultaneous classes and courses, powered by collaboration and real-time communications tools such as voice, video and chat applicationsto keep professionals and students connected.

Keep staff and students connected.
Improve teaching by leveraging digital tools.

Improve teaching
digital tools

Teachers are employing tools such as tablets, iPads, Smart Boards, digital cameras, computers and video collaboration platforms, while students are using advanced technology to shape how they learn. By embracing technology and integrating it in to the classroom, teachers are preparing students for a successful life in the hyper-connected working world.

Connect students and staff to the right department.

Connect students
and staff
to the
right department

Students and staff can self-select departments or staff from menu trees provided by Visual Attendant services accessible from a simple click-to-call icon located on the home page on their web-site. Staff enjoy single-number service that follows them wherever they are across or even off campus.

Connect students and staff to the right department.
Affordable communication solution.

Affordable solution
for communication

Forget about expensive maintenance agreements, billing complexity and antiquated phone systems. Our cloud solution will lower your maintenance fees with flexible payment plans. Build on cloud based monthly subscriptions or an alternative consolidate capex model.

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