Cloud Phone System

A Business Phone System hosted in the Cloud

Temovi is our Cloud Phone System that gives you all the capability of a full PBX system. It provides all the features of a traditional phone systems plus unified communications, with no need for on-premises hardware. This phone system works via VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol), meaning all your calls are made through the internet, eliminating telephone line charges.


Temovi Cloud Phone is designed to make users more productive wherever they need to work. In the office, in a home office, a hotel room, even an airport or a coffee shop, Temovi Cloud keeps users connected and makes them more responsive to co-workers and customers.


Imagine a real time communications solution that allows one phone number to follow users wherever they go – accessible from their desk, their smartphone, their tablet, or on their laptop; Temovi Cloud allows you to communicate from anywhere with an internet connection.


With traditional on-premises solutions, you often have to plan and pay for future growth long before you even need it. Temovi Cloud phone lets you expand your system as you go; adding, changing or moving users as needed. Manage different locations from one account via web portal.

Tailored System

Temovi consist on a simple and cost-effective pay-as-you-go service. Our Cloud Phone System allows you to set up new users in minutes from any device. You can add features only when you require them, tailoring them for different employees, tasks, and departments' requirements.

Reduced Costs

Get a low, all-inclusive, monthly pricing for all your business communications with no capital outlay. Eliminate phone line charges, expensive video conference apps, and get a system inclusive of maintenance, support and remote programming changes.


Since Temovi is a hosted service, delivered across multiple platforms from computers to handsets, or tablets and mobiles, it is always accessible to anyone with a network connection. Also, being cloud-based, there is no one set of hardware that can be knocked out by a local disaster.

Top of the line T-58A IP phone.

A more flexible communication system

Temovi Cloud enables customers to quickly capitalise on innovative, market leading solutions that allow businesses to reduce communication costs, increase operating efficiency and enhance the customer experience by providing the ability to communicate and collaborate more effectively in real time. Temovi Cloud Phone can be integrated with your smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC or a complete range of desk phones, widening the options and opportunities to engage with customers.

They are already enjoying the Cloud


Adam Poole

Temovi Cloud system saves us money compared to our old suppliers, BT and Utility Warehouse. I can dial in; I can work and listen to voicemails remotely. We can easily transfer calls, it's a lot easier to talk with people.

Easi-way Mobility

Mike Acton

We had doubts that the video conferencing feature would work as all other have failed. However, with Temovi we were pleasantly surprised to be able to use this great feature and have video conferences with our HQ in Germany.

Hans Lingl UK

Dan Willoughby

We have used Digitel as our analogue provider for a number of years and recently took the plunge to an internet phone system. We sourced several quotations and found Digitel to be very competitive. Their sales, installation and support staff made the transition extremely smooth.

Shipping Services Limited

Peter Lloyd

Transferring our services/numbers over was a smooth transition which we were extremely pleased about. Since then we have upgraded our existing telephone system to the Temovi cloud which has been a great success and a platform I would recommend to other businesses.

Lloyd Signs

Many reasons to move to the cloud

Anywhere, anytime communications from any device

Temovi business phone gives you the opportunity to receive and make all your business calls regardless of where you are or where you are calling from, on any device.

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Business Mobile

Temovi enables you to automatically capture and store all calls, inbound or out, or activate on-demand recording so users can record individual calls as needed.

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Call Recording

With Temovi Voicemail you can send voicemail messages as attachments via your email. Instantly check messages from the phone, web, e-mail or your smartphone.

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Voicemail to Email

Join or start a video-conference using your preferred device, from anywhere in the world, using WiFi connectivity or your Voice over Mobile Data (VoMB) allowance.

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Send and receive faxes from your desktop or mobile. Temovi Cloud provides a virtual fax number available anywhere, anytime for both inbound and outbound faxing.

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Online Fax

Cloud Contact Centre enables agents to get calls answered quickly, deliver great service and move on to the next call or task. It is easily scalable and configurable.

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Cloud Contact Centre

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