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Lightning Strikes at 75 miles per second, our ethernet and fibre broadband strikes at 124,000 miles per second

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Our Fibre Business Broadband just
keeps getting Better, Bigger, Faster

You won't find a better business class broadband service anywhere else:

  • Provide the best business class broadband service available in the UK
  • Software Defined Network (SDN) delivers a 24/7/365 provisioning, management and monitoring service
  • Proactive analysis of network problems and network efficiency optimisation
  • Maintenance support for all products we supply our customers
  • Comprehensive security protection for the whole network
  • Automated fault detection and correction 24/7/365 including Broadband, Router, data Switch & Wi-Fi
  • Secure VPN access for remote sites and homeworkers/remote workers
  • On-site installations and training all done by qualified engineers

All our broadband packages include as standard:

Great Customer Support

Our business class broadband service delivers 24/7/365 SDN cloud monitoring and management support for our Broadband, Router, Data Switch and Wi-Fi Access points providing fast, responsive service support that lowers your IT costs and delivers best in class comprehensive service support. All this is included in your regular monthly broadband cost.

Guaranteed responsive Service

Digitel's best in class broadband service includes on-site installation by our own engineers. We do not mail out the router for you to install yourself or use subcontractors. If you have a problem with your router or broadband, we attend the site determine the problem and if necessary, replace the router free of charge. Resulting in fast responsive support.

Business Static IP Address

Digitel includes a static IP address for your business router providing enhanced security for any VPN access by homeworkers and remote workers. This is all monitored by Digitel's iNet SDN cloud management network, further protecting your business against Internet threats and helping to keep your business secure.

Increased powerful Security

With today's increased Internet security threats businesses need highly secure VPN and powerful Firewall protection. Digitel's business class router delivers URL/IP/MAC filtering, Access Control and Advanced WAPA 3 Encryption, helping to protect your business against cyber security threats like malware, viruses, DDOS, trojans, as well as attacks by hackers and our INET remote monitoring and management service will extend this protection throughout your network.

Faster evolving Speeds

Digitel's business broadband service provides your business with the right fibre broadband speeds from 40 Mb to 1000 Mb to meet your business requirements including: faster business class router, and gigabit Wi-Fi speeds so as your business grows and your needs evolve, we will we will be there to deliver affordable technology to meet your requirements.

Built-in Phone Capability

All our business broadband packages support your IP voice telephone calls both incoming and outgoing, because your broadband service must manage both your voice and data traffic, so we provide a business router that delivers QOS (Quality of Service) to ensure all critical services are allocated the appropriate amount of bandwidth to meet your voice requirements.

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G-FAST Fibre


G-FAST Fibre












Leased Line

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Download Speed

Your download speed is the speed at which you can download or stream data from the internet. (e.g., text and graphics).

Up to 24 Mbps

Up to 40 Mbps

Up to 80 Mbps

Up to 160 Mbps

Up to 330 Mbps

Up to 115 Mbps

Up to 220 Mbps

Up to 330 Mbps

Up to 550 Mbps

Up to 1000 Mbps

Up to 10 Gbps

Upload Speed

Your upload speed is the speed that you can upload data to the internet (for example, posting photos to social media).

Up to 10 Mbps

Up to 10 Mbps

Up to 20 Mbps

Up to 30 Mbps

Up to 50 Mbps

Up to 20 Mbps

Up to 30 Mbps

Up to 50 Mbps

Up to 75 Mbps

Up to 115 Mbps

Up to 10 Gbps

Monthly Data

Download and upload as much data as you need, with no catches or caps on your data usage.












Free Delivery
On-site Installation
by Engineer
Digitel's highly trained engineers will install and test the business router, access point and connection to your broadband service on-site.
Remote Installation
Digitel's engineers can remotely install the business broadband service to simplify your set-up process.
Static IP Address
A static IP makes it easier for your remote workers to remotely access your computer/server, allowing you to access data files and use programs etc.


Gigabit Multi-WAN
Secure VPN Router
Superfast business class router with the capability of multiple broadband connections, including secure VPN tunnels for home and remote working.
On-site Router
Maintenance Support
We can quickly address any critical equipment or network issues related to the router that requires hands-on technical support.
Remote Router
Maintenance Support
If you have any problems with your router, we will either repair or send you a replacement router under our maintenance agreement.
Advanced Firewall
Protects your business against outside cyber-attackers accessing your system by shielding your network from malicious or unnecessary network traffic.
Ping of Death Defence
Defends against cyber-attackers using the 'ping' command to disrupt your devices with a over-sized IP/TCP packet.
DoS Attack
Automatically detects and blocks Denial of Service (DoS) attacks such as TCP/UDP/ICMP Flooding, Ping of Death, and other related threats that can make your network unusable.
Filtering Protection
MAC address filtering adds an extra layer of security that checks the device's MAC address against a list of agreed addresses. IP filtering lets you control what IP traffic will be allowed into and out of your network.
Multi-line Load
If you have multiple FTTC connections to the router, this feature adds resilience by distributing traffic across the broadband connections to provide an optimal experience for the user.
Multi-level 3DES
The Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) provides robust, powerful encryption for your VPN and data.
Message Digest 5 (MD5) is a method of creating a code (hash) that can be used by Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA) to authenticate data travelling over your broadband connection.
Multi-factor Authentication uses more than one method of authentication (such as a password and a securely generated key code) to authenticate users on the network.
Professional 4KV
Lightning Protection
The Router is protected from surges caused by lightning strikes generating up to 4 Kilovolts.


WiFi Gigabit Dual
Band Access Points
Delivers high-performance wireless connectivity and supports dual-band operation at 2.4GHz and 5GHz with combined throughput of 1.37 Gbps. Ultra-High speed WIFI for today's demanding applications.
WiFi WAP Cloud
Fully managed WIFI Access Points let you connect securely from your wireless-enabled devices and your wired ethernet network.
Guest WiFi
Provides your customers, visitors and authorised employees with secure password controlled WIFI service access.
Seamless Roaming
Supports Seamless Roaming so even video streams and voice calls are unaffected as users move between locations.
PoE Compatibility
Compatibility with 802.3af and Passive PoE support (PoE adaptor included) makes deployment effortless and flexible.
Band Steering
Band Steering automatically moves dual band devices onto the wider 5 GHz band for faster connections.
Multi-User Multiple
Input Multiple Output
Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) means access points simultaneously transfer data with multiple devices, speeding up connections.
Beamforming concentrates the signal towards where you need it most, providing a fast and stable WiFi experience.
WiFi Schedules
Schedules can be set so access points automatically reboot and WiFi turns on/off at the times you choose.


INET Integrated SDN
Cloud Management
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform integrates network devices, including Gateway Routers Access points and Data switches, providing centralised cloud real time management and monitoring control 24/365.
Intelligent Cloud
Monitoring Service
Monitors both your broadband and internal network status. Including network usage, traffic distribution, and any abnormal events. Providing IT support to your network quickly and pro-actively, troubleshooting all network connection devices.
SDN Mesh
SDN Mesh technology enables wireless connectivity between WiFi APIs for extended range, making wireless deployments flexible and convenient.
Advanced WPA3
WPA3 uses a system called Wi-Fi Device Provisioning Protocol (DPP) which allows users to utilize NFC tags or QR codes to allow devices on the network. Further, WPA3 security uses GCMP-256 encryption.
Network Access
Protects your business network data by allowing access only to those users with authorised access to your company information and resources.
Bandwidth Control
Using Bandwidth Control, we can assign a specific minimum or maximum bandwidth for each computer, allowing for a more consistent level of service.
Access Control List
Access Control List (ACL) provides important security protection to your network by only allowing authorised access, protecting your business from Internet threats.
Load Balancing
Provides efficient distribution of network or application traffic across multiple servers.
Multi-site Network
Enables management of routers and WiFi based across multiple sites.
24/7 Automated
Failure Detection
Automated failure detection and correction all day, every day.

All information was correct at the point publishing. The half price promotion applies to all standard and Fibre business broadband plans for 6 months, including: Fast, Ultrafast Fibre, G-Fast and Full Fibre, products are half price for the first 6 months and will revert back to the normal standard pricing from month 7. Digitel's best in class bundled product includes Digitel's software defined network (SDN) enhanced security, management and monitoring 24/7/365 support services, on-site installation and maintenance support. Digitel's bundled broadband service is subject to a minimum term agreement. Price excludes telephone line rental and 20% VAT, Terms and conditions apply.

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Ethernet: A secure private network

Ethernet versus broadband.
  • The best connectivity available for your business
  • 10Mb to 10Gb of bandwidth, dedicated to your business
  • Available even if fibre or FTTP are not available in your area
  • Dedicated line unshared with other network users

Delivering the highest protection to your whole business network

Our iNet Management Service is included in most of our broadband packages, enabling Digitel administrators to monitor and manage all products in the network with a centralised management platform. This allows for great wireless scalability and remote network management, saving time and no extra IT staff.

Delivering network protection with iNet Management Service

What our customers say



I would recommend Digitel as they provide a 1st class service along with professional, knowledgeable, friendly & helpful staff. The after-care from a company is important, and Digitel have made several follow-up calls to see if we are happy with the system and the service. Making you as the client feel valued.

Lloyds Autobody Ringways Ltd


We have just had a complete overhaul of the phone system in our Manchester office. All works completed by Johnny and Tom to the highest standard. They were professional, efficient, tidy and courteous at all times, even when they had to diagnose and repair a teething issue. They were a pleasure to have around and a credit to their company.

Darwen Diesels


Tom & Johnny were professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Changed phone systems and had a few initial set up issues but both the technicians and the staff on the phones at the office did all they could to help us solve these issues promptly. Thank you.

Presteven Optical Ltd


Our internet in work was rubbish, kept losing its signal. Nobody seemed to be able to sort the problem until today. Johnny and Andy wouldn’t leave till the problem was finally sorted. Signal and speed now great. Thanks Johnny and Andy your amazing!!!

Vantage Business Solutions


We used Digitel to install a new phone system into our offices March/April 19. Their service has been excellent - I found their staff to be very friendly and always helpful and went out of their way to resolve any issues that came up. They were professional, and knowledgeable and I would have no hesitation to recommend their services to anybody.

Reckless Agency Ltd


Tom and Johnny were fantastic from start to finish. Jenny was fantastic at keeping us informed and Johnny came back to sort out a faulty handset within a couple of days. Ray dealt with the sales side of things and was always on hand to speak to us over the phone and via email (even whilst he was on holiday) smooth transition. Thank you Digitel!

Bakewell & Horner


A fantastic local company who will go above and beyond. A special shout out to Tom & Jonny for the hard work in getting us set up. Thank you all at Digitel!

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