Phone Systems
for Legal Firms

The right communications
for the legal industry

iPECS UCP is Ericsson-LG Enterprise's unified communications platform designed to help legal practices communicate and collaborate with all of their stakeholders. By keeping employees connected, team and client communication becomes more responsive allowing you to deliver a high value service that stands out from the competition.

Working from different locations on any device.

Working from
on any device

IPECS UCP Mobility tools allow workers to create a more productive and efficient legal practice regardless of their location or chosen device. Unified communications allow legal practices to access their phone systems wherever they are with mobile client.

Working from different locations on any device.
Keep costs down.

Keep costs down
for the law firm

IPECS unified communications platform keeps costs down and increases billable hours by reducing the need for unnecessary travel expenses and unproductive time. Make use of video bringing interactions alive with video calls from your handset, PC client or smartphone application.

Improved client experience.

Improved client experience

Fast response, efficient collaboration and interactivity result in a high customer satisfaction. With presence and messaging you can see if the rest of your legal team are available and quickly communicate using instant messaging, enabling you to deliver better service to clients.

Improved client experience.
A phone system for the whole team.

A phone system for
the whole team

The IPECS range covers small to large legal practices with a range of platforms that can scale to meet the needs of between 2-2000 users. Each platform utilises the same core features and software ensuring the legal sector can benefit from the power of iPECS.

Increase productivity and workflow.

Increase productivity
and workflow

High-efficiency processes enhances avoiding unproductive travel and unexpected delays resulting in cost savings and time productivity. Integrated third party applications are able to leverage the full power of the iPECS platform and ensure you can build a complete solution around the platform..

Increase productivity and workflow.
Delivering business solutions to different industries - A bright idea.

Delivering business solutions to different industries

Business communications are key to any customer relationship and the overall team’s performance. Our team executes a study of the business to understand which system will deliver the greatest results based on the business needs, size, and industry.

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