eMG80 Phone System

Simple and reliable telephony for small business

One of the handsets for the eMG80.

Simple and reliable telephony for small business

The new iPECS eMG80 delivers the full feature set of the highly successful iPECS platform in a hybrid architecture for smaller companies. With fully integrated applications, advanced features and the new LDP-9000 handsets, iPECS eMG80 is positioned to help you win every opportunity.

One of the handsets for the eMG80.

Easy and Economical UC

iPECS UCS Standard server is built into the eMG80. Users can use video, IM, audio conference, visual voicemail, as well as voice calls on one platform. An external server, iPECS UCS Premium, provides even more collaboration features.

Seamless Expandability

With the iPECS eMG80 you can start small with 2-12 users and grow seamlessly to more than 100 ports. iPECS eMG80 delivers cost effective communications to small and growing businesses and affordable expandability to medium-size businesses.

Simple to Use and Flexible

Intuitive handset and desktop interfaces help users to quickly grasp the benefits of iPECS technology and adopt it into their daily tasks and business processes. Flexible architecture ensures iPECS can grow and adapt with your business.

Rich Features

The eMG80 comes highly featured straight out of the box without expensive license options - voicemail, auto-attendant, voicemail to email, smartphone integration, on-demand call recording and much more. The in-built specialist features are designed to deliver a tailored solution for every user.

Cost effective and expandable PBX technology. Cost effective and expandable PBX technology.

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For the small office with big ideas.

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